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Could empathy be a key to reconnect us with our ecosystem and ourselves? Pixelache Festival 2016 - 'Interfaces for Empathy' explores the promise of this possible societal shift through macro-level direct experiences and the perspective of interconnectedness of all life.
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01 August 2016
Recycling Olympic Games (ROG) is an alternative sports event that is focused on creative waste reusing where teams compete for the title of “Finnish UpCycling Champion” and the winning team will be invited to participate in the international... >>>
06 July 2016
Pixelache Helsinki wants to bring key members of ZEMOS98 collective from Sevilla, Spain, to the 'Interfaces for Empathy' festival, under the campaign title 'CopyLove Helsinki' #CopyLove #Helsinki
A crowdfundingcampaing to realise the visit is now... >>>
21 June 2016
Pixelache Festival 2016 - 'Interfaces for Empathy'programme has been put together by an interdisciplinary team of artists, curators and researchers. Thefestival is co-directed by Mari Keski-Korsu and Petri Ruikkawhilethe programmingbeen supported... >>>
20 June 2016
Pixelache Festival 2016 - 'Interfaces for Empathy' has published preliminary program. Please see it on this website.
We are delighted to welcome all these great projects, processes, activities, events, experiments, workshops to the festival and... >>>