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Could empathy be a key to reconnect us with our ecosystem and ourselves? Pixelache Festival 2016 - 'Interfaces for Empathy' explores the promise of this possible societal shift through macro-level direct experiences and the perspective of interconnectedness of all life.
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24 September 2016
The wonderful 'Machine To Be Another' participatory VR work is available only for the next two days. We warmly recommend everybody to try it out, it's pretty amazing experience. Below is an interiew of Marte Roel from the collective by... >>>
23 September 2016
Maiccu Kostiainen is a Finnish animal communicator who also gives lectures and courses about intuitive inter-species communication. Her biggest passion is to bring the messages from the other species for people and to give a voice to those who don... >>>
23 September 2016
We had a wonderful opening day and evening! Please check out quick impressions from the day on our Facebook page! >>>
21 September 2016
The Singing Länsiväylä activity at the festivalthis weekend promises to be an immersive, participatory experience that incorpoates listening with physical expression and awareness of the environment. We asked workshop facilitators Grit Ruhland and... >>>