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Could empathy be a key to reconnect us with our ecosystem and ourselves? Pixelache Festival 2016 - 'Interfaces for Empathy' explores the promise of this possible societal shift through macro-level direct experiences and the perspective of interconnectedness of all life.
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06 October 2016
NEMO: Emotion Hack Day
Suomen käsityön museo, Kauppakatu 25
Työpaja la 15.10. klo 11:30-17:00

Emotion Hack Dayssa selvitetään, miten teknologiaan voidaan luoda lisää empatian mahdollistavia kerroksia. Kyseessä on käytännönläheinen, avoin työpaja,... >>>
06 October 2016
Coral Empathy Device -video by Kat Austen is something beautifulto share after the Interfaces for Empathy where it wasn't unfortunately presented as planned in Keinutuoli Korner open programme.

Please view it here

Kat... >>>
04 October 2016
Pixelache Festival 2016 – 'Interfaces for Empathy' is visiting Jyväskylä 14.-16.10. 'Interfaces for Empathy' brings to Jyväskylä four programme parts that were part of the festival which happened in Helsinki last month. The festival explored... >>>
24 September 2016
The wonderful 'Machine To Be Another' participatory VR work is available only for the next two days. We warmly recommend everybody to try it out, it's pretty amazing experience. Below is an interiew of Marte Roel from the collective by... >>>